5 low comptetion blog niches

5 Best Low Competition Blog Niches for Beginners


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Choosing the right and low competition blog niches for your blog website is one thing. Finding low competition blog niches for high profit can make your own is a whole new ball game. Understanding where to search for low competition blog  niches for bloggers is like prospecting for gold or oil. You need to know where to search for best keyword, you want to be the only one drilling there, you require the best tools and expertise, and sometimes you just have to be a  lucky person. Bloggers who land low competition niches are likely to get the jump on their opponents. They’re the ones who get to take benefits of the bigger slice of traffic, taking home more profit and dominating their topic. The quest for low competition blog niches is a constant battle. The main thing is that there aren’t many around, and they are constantly changing. While a high profitable niches may have only emerged last year, it’s likely full of other bloggers and content creators by now, all competing for prime SERP real estate and trying to beat each other for the top position. So which are considered ‘low competition blog niches,’ and how does a blogger know one when they see it? Whether you are starting a blog or looking for a new niche to target, finding low competition blog niches around means one thing more money. After all, that’s the goal, isn’t it?
low competition blog niches
low competition blog niches
We look at some of the best current low competition blog niches for bloggers. From the soon-to-be-mainstream new low competition blog niches with trending topics to evergreen niches that are so vast, there is always space for new content, finding low competition blog niches is a profit turning guarantee. Choosing the right low competition blog niches for your blog website is essential to blogging success. Blogs that aren’t designed for anyone in perfect specific usually get lost in online oblivion, disappearing and deranked behind endless pages of search results. Pages that list content crafted to suit the needs of a specific target audience. Niches help the blogger write with purpose. They help the internet in finding and providing the right content to the right people and allow people to understand our audiences better to create blogs people want to read.

What is a Niche?

A blogging niche is a specific area, topic, or subject that you choose to focus on in your blog. By targeting a niche audience with shared interests, problems, or characteristics, you can create highly relevant content that resonates with them.
Niches can be subject based, industry based, or can be defined by the target audience. Bloggers can specialize in multiple niches, and audience members can belong to many different niches based on their individual needs and behavioral approach. We can drill down into niches, dividing them into smaller, more targeted sections or ‘sub-niches’ or even into even smaller subsets called ‘micro-niches.’ These sub-niches are where the real value lies in niche blogging and where we can find those highly profitablle low competition blog niches for better profit making opportunities.

How to Find Low Competition Blog Niches for beginners?

low competition blog niches
low competition blog niches
Finding a low competition blog niches isn’t about blind searching. These include:
  • Monetization opportunities – How can you make money with your blog in this niche? Will you use affiliate marketing links, earn through advertising revenue, or sell products from your blog? New low competition blog niches with clear high monetization potential are likely jammed with competitors.
  • Competition – Finding your low competition blogging niche? Don’t forget to check out the competition! Analyze who you are up against: established authorities or a scattered crowd? This helps gauge niche difficulty, audience size, and your unique voice’s potential impact. Choose a niche with a balance of interest and space for you to shine.
  • Keyword (KW) difficulty – This refers to how difficult it will be to rank for a specific keyword. Since keywords are linked to niches, those with ranking keywords boasting a higher KW difficulty are likely to be harder to break into, indicating more competition.
  • CPC – Cost per click tells you how much it will cost someone (who has paid to advertise around a particular keyword) every time a visitor clicks on the display ad. A higher cost means the keyword is considered more valuable, which means, that’s right, more competition.
  • Traffic – Keyword research tools can estimate a niche’s traffic based on search volume. While high traffic suggests audience interest, it also signals tougher competition. Conversely, low traffic might indicate a niche with low competition, but also potentially low reader interest. The ideal niche has a balance: enough traffic for a viable audience, but enough room for your voice to be heard. Some of the famous keywords research tools are ubbersuggest, ahrefs, semrush, etc.

How to Find Low Competition Blog Niches?

A quick Google search on your niche topic can reveal a treasure trove of information. By analyzing the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), you can assess competition:

  • Number of Websites: Fewer websites on the topic suggest lower competition.
  • Content Quality: Low-quality content or user-generated content indicates a gap for high-quality information.
  • Website Authority and Traffic: See how established and well-trafficked the results are.

By using this search tactic, you can identify low-competition blog niches with high potential for generating revenue.

Run a Google search & analyze

You can analyze the niche’s SERPs by typing in a keyword or phrase related to a niche you think may be one of the top low competition blog niches for bloggers, and the results will start giving you an idea for potential of niche.

Find low competition SERPs

Look for search results (SERPs) with minimal websites on the topic. This might indicate a niche with low competition. Furthermore, low-quality content or a prevalence of user-generated content suggests a gap in high quality information. Analyzing these SERPs can be a powerful tool for finding profitable niches with potential for your blog.

To find low-competition SERPs that you can use to get started, click here.

Use a tool for more information

With this information, you can use a tool like Google Trends to provide more detailed information about a niche’s traffic, performance, and movement towards audience. New blog niches trending up, but which haven’t yet been noticed by most people are your best bet may that sounds like low competition blog niches.

List of low competition blog niches

Safety and Security

Crime fears are on the rise, fueled by economic woes and uncertainty. This security-conscious climate creates a prime opportunity for creators. Traditional security topics are crowded, but the evolving landscape offers a wealth of low-competition sub-niches. Whether it’s digital security, personal safety strategies, or innovative home defense solutions, savvy creators can tap into this growing need for peace of mind.
low competition blog niches
low competition blog niches
  • Subniche ideas: Home security hacks; Personal safety equipment; Smart security technology
  • Stats: Volume: 14,800/mo | CPC: $0.35 | Competition: 0.03

Quantum Realm

The ‘quantum realm’ is the first thing that would hook me up because – spoiler – there’s no such thing as the quantum realm.” Quantum physics deals with subatomic elements, which are the building blocks of all matter. So, in that sense, we already exist in a quantum reality, Kolodrubetz said.
low competition blog niches
low competition blog niches
  • Subniche ideas: Quantum mechanics;Building a quantum future; Smart security technology
  • Stats: Volume: 18,800/mo | CPC: $0.75 | Competition: 0.02

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